Registering Your Cat

When a litter of Savannahs is born, your breeder will fill in a litter registration form (listing parents, number in the litter, sex, color and pattern) and send it to TICA.  In return, TICA sends the breeder a set of “blue slips”, one for each kitten.  Your breeder will fill out appropriate sections of the “blue slip” (owner’s name, if the cat is for show or breeding, etc.) and send it to you so that you may register your kitten.

When you receive your “blue slip” fill out your personal information and then decide on your kitten’s name.  TICA allows 35 characters (including spaces) but the first few boxes will be taken up with the name of the cattery that the kitten originates from.  For example, a blue slip from Kasbah uses the first 6 spaces of the registered name so you have 29 remaining letters and spaces to work with.  Breeders who purchase cats from another cattery feature their cattery name (as owner) at the end of the registered name, which further limits the amount of spaces for the cat’s actual chosen name.

Once completed by the owner, the blue slip is mailed to TICA along with a small fee, after which TICA will mail you the official registration papers on your cat.

For more information on this process, you can visit TICA.